JetType 1.0

JetType enhances your typing speed.

JetType enhances your typing speed.

JetType is a software developed by Chamuth Chamandana (CEO of Ninponix) that can be used to enhance the typing speed of a Computer User. Development of typing speed is essential for a person living in a technological world like this. JetType can help you to enhance your typing speed. JetType has 3 main functions that makes your typing tough, Practice, Test, Analyze. You can have various practices and tests to develop your typing skills. Finally you can share your skill levels with your friends while comparing.

The process of Typing Speed Development can be classified into 3 steps. They are Practicing, Testing, and Analyzing. First you have to practice yourself with different practices given to you by JetType. (Letter Practice, Word Practice, Paragraph Practice). After practicing you may feel quite suitable to test yourself. Then get to the next step, Testing. JetType has given you many interesting and addicting tests to test your skills. (Captcha Practice, Number Practice, Toungue Twisters Practice). After practicing and testing yourself with JetType you can check your statistics containing your Typing Speed, Points Scored, and User Comparison. JetType is featuring with a new great way of scoring. (The scoring Algorithm was created by Chamuth Chamandana with the help of Visith Vimansana).

- Eye-catching Graphical User Interface

- Tests that fit your needs

- Real Time Statistics

- Games to addict on typing

- Statistics to challenge your friends

- No Ads

- No Spam

- Not Fake



JetType 1.0

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